1. General Benefit from Services:

Make use of our facilities to promote a healthy life and obtain dental healthcare services,

2. Equal Access to Services:

Receive dental services without regard to their race, language, religion and sect, political thought, philosophical belief and economical and social conditions,

3. Knowing, Choosing and Changing the Staff:

Learn the identity, position and title of the doctors and other staff who provide dental services and also choose and change this staff if warranted,

4. Privacy Policy:

Receive healthcare services in line with the privacy policy,

5. Full Disclosure, Informed Consent and Approval:

Be fully informed of their dental treatment needs and options. This includes the potential benefit from treatment as well as the risks and complications of the recommended treatment and the risks and complications of not having the treatment provided.

6.Declining and Deactivation:

Decline and/or stop the treatment,

7. Security:

Receive healthcare services in a secure environment,

8. Practicing Religious Obligations:

Practice religious obligations within the limits of the institution and within the framework of measures of the administration.

9. Dignity:

Receive services in respectable, attentive and kind manner,

10. Comfort:

Receive healthcare services in hygienic conditions and in a professional environment, in which noisy and incommodious elements are removed,

11. Having hospital attendants:

Request having an attendee within the limits of legislation, facility capability and doctor approval,

12. Right to Appeal, Complaint and Sue:

Appeal, submit complaints and sue in the case of a violation of patient rights, within the framework of legislation,

13. Continuous Service:

Receive healthcare services as long as it is necessary to finish their prescribed treatment.