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Dealing With Tooth Pain - İskenderun Diş Dünyası

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  • May 30, 2013

Tooth pain can be a rather huge pain and irritation. It can completely dull your thinking, make your entire face feel painful, and can also keep you from eating properly.

By definition, it is pain that affects a tooth or the area around it, usually the jaw and the gums. Tooth pain comes in various levels of severity. Some are rather serious and agonizing that the affected person cannot think properly and concentrate due to the pain. There are also mild but brief pains, while there are dull, constant pains.

Some cases of tooth pain can also feel worse when exposed to hot or cold foods and when you chew foods. Painful reaction of the tooth to exposure to hot or cold is often an indication of a periodontal problem or an exposed tooth root. Tooth ache can come in many different forms. These forms of tooth ache are present because there are also various factors that can cause pain in your teeth.


Some of the causes and kinds of tooth pain are:

  • Toothache due to dental problem
  • Toothache due to jaw problems
  • Toothache as a symptom

1. Tooth Pain Due to Dental Problem

The most common type is pain caused by a dental problem, such as cavities and tooth decay, which are the most common causes of tooth ache. Aside from these, however, there are other tooth problems that be quite painful, such as a cracked tooth, a fractured tooth, an exposed root of a tooth, or a gum problem.

2. Tooth Pain Due to Jaw Problems

But tooth ache is not only caused by problems with your teeth. Other parts of your body can also affect your teeth, such as the jaw. For example, your jaw joint or chewing muscles can also be affected by certain diseases, which can also affect your teeth. See: TMJ

3. Tooth Pain as a Symptom

Tooth pain can also be a symptom of a bigger health problem that is not related to the teeth or even to the jaw. Pain that affects the teeth can also be caused by heart diseases, specifically heart attack and angina. Chronic tooth ache can also be associated to serious problems concerning the nerves, so it is important that if you feel pain in your teeth, you get it checked out as soon as possible. Also, your teeth can easily be affected by pain or problems related to other parts of the body near the teeth.


There are many ways to deal with tooth pain. The best way is to get an oral examination to have your teeth properly tested for the real cause of your tooth ache. If necessary, a dental x-ray may have to be done.

The first thing that Dr. Barr does is check in tooth ache cases is whether the root cause of the pain lies in the tooth itself or is something else entirely.

In case the pain is caused by a dental problem, it is important to receive treatment because the problem can escalate into an abscessed tooth and pulp inflammation.

Inflammation of the pulp surrounding the tooth can also be caused by a cracked or split tooth. After diagnosis, Dr. Barr will guide you through the proper treatment procedure.

However, you can find proper and instant relief for your teeth if you want to ease the pain until you are able to go to Dr. Barr. If you have highly sensitive teeth, you can buy desensitizers. You can also take pain relievers to ease the pain temporarily. This could be a pretty helpful solution especially if you are busy and the pain is hindering you from properly accomplishing things you need to do.

Aside from that, other home remedies include putting ice on the outside of the affected area. The coldness of the ice can numb the area to make the pain go away for a while. It also helps if you keep the affected tooth clean to avoid further discomfort. Just remember that it is still important to go to Dr. Barr whenever you feel tooth pain.

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