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İskenderun Dental World is an enterprise giving service complying with the norms of international standards thanks to its specialized dental physicians as well as its complete medical installations and infrastructure. İskenderun Dental World has aimed to serve all patients all around the world foremost the patients from European Countries. At this point, dental health tourism is a focus subject for İskenderun Dental World.

In our Hospital, all kind of modern dentistry services are conducted by our highly experienced dentists in a fully sterile environment equipped with high-tech dental devices.
We provide to our patients a modern operating room and, digital panoramic (detailed radiographs of the oral cavity) and cephalometric x-ray film opportunities.

The treatment planning procedures are carried out precisely especially considering the period of stay of our foreign guests in order to complete any kind of dentistry services in shortest time including aesthetic tooth replacement using implants or denture prosthesis.

In case of any dissatisfaction, repeating the treatment is possible under warranty scope.