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Porcelain Crowns - İskenderun Diş Dünyası

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  • May 30, 2013

CROWN: A crown is a restoration that covers, or “caps,” a tooth to restore it to its normal shape and size, strengthening and improving the appearance of a tooth.

BRIDGE: A bridge is a dental appliance that replaces one or more natural missing teeth,thereby “bridging” the space between two teeth.

If you’re missing a tooth or more, you may find that there are other things you miss. You may miss your natural smile. Naturally, the effect of tooth loss varies from person to person and depends on what exactly has been lost. The root anchors the tooth in your jawbone, providing stable support for the crown. Without the root, the bone around the lost tooth may gradually recede, remaining teeth may shift and chewing may become more difficult with time. If you’re interested in replacing your entire tooth,your  option is dental implant or bridge restoration.


Standard metal & quotnı-co or precious metals & quotau can be used as infrastructure.Gold is the most precious and biocompatable material.Therefore  aplications using precious metals get more healthy and esthetic results.


They are made from reinforced porcelain. Although many things affect the appearance of  crowns,the  most important thing is their reaction to the light.Natural teeth are transparent and pass the light.As this result the natural teeth have depth and vitality.Full-porcelain crowns can also pass the light and their appearance are like the natural teeth.Metal porcelain crowns show dark areas in some lights(flash,discolight).They are cemented mechanically,but full-porcelain crowns are cemented both mechanical and chemical adhesion and this adhesion is much higher than metal-porcelain’s.Infrastructure does not include metal ,so there is not a dark line at the level of gum.It provides more esthetic image. When the gum recesses,full-ceramic crowns protect their esthetic appearance,but metal-porcelain crowns create a bad image in the region.Allergic reactions dont occur in full ceramic crowns.

Full-Pocelain Bridge(IPS)

In this system the reinforced porcelain are pressed in the special IPS maschine.They were prefered especially for the front area.They are translucent and esthehic.But they can not withdraw very high chewing forces,so they are not proper for the back area.

Zirconium Bridge

The infrasstructure is zirconium and it is white-colored and can withstand chewinf forces.It can be achieved an esthetic result especially  in the back area.

Crowns decrease physical discomfort in teeth and offer extra support to those that are weak or damaged. They can also vastly improve the overall appearance of your smile and make your teeth much more durable.

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