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Squalid and unhealthy teeth cause illnesses - İskenderun Diş Dünyası

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  • May 30, 2013

Our society does not like going to the dentist unless we have some reason to go. However, experts suggest acquiring habit of going to the dentist not only for health of your teeth but also for health of your body.

It is obvious that those who went to the dentist only when they suffer from severe toothache do not know what this neglect may cause.
Untreated tooth and gum infections, tooth decay cause emergence of various diseases in various parts of the body.

How unhealthy teeth affect the body?

There is an interesting connection between gum disease and diabetes. Gingivitis raises blood sugar, rise of blood sugar level leads to an increase in the gum inflammations.

Dental health is very important in diabetes patients. In order to keep the diabetes under control, you need to take control of one’s periodontal health.

Dental problems also cause indigestion. People who cannot chew food properly prefer soft foods and they suffer indigestion as they eat food fast.

The risk of infection is very much

Bacteria causing chronic dental infection, cause nephritis by leading growth of a number of antibodies. They also affect heart and vascular diseases.

Dental infections cause heart valve inflammation and blockage in the arteries that feed the heart. Besides, some ear – nose – throat diseases are emerging due to tooth and gum problems.

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